The Hero Notion

Be compassionate, be courteous, be cheerful, be courageous, be honest, be helpful, be eager, be aware, be better. Be a hero.

Problem statement:

Overall I want to promote the notion that everyone can be a hero no matter how small the act or sacrifice may be. Stemming from my love of superheroes and the symbol they can represent for kids.


“The Hero Notion” is not just about today’s heroes such as Iron Man or Spiderman, but also about how we can all be heroes in a sense. This campaign is an “act of request” for kids to reach out and try to find the meaning of a hero; whatever that may be. Maybe it is a man in a suit or maybe it’s just their dad. Either way it gives them the opportunity to realize the impact a small sacrifice or act of kindness can have on others. I hope to encourage them to find out that they too can be heroes even if they don’t have super powers.

This will give me an opportunity to explore the innocence of children and how their outlooks on the world and life in general differ from those of adults. I want to investigate general acts of kindness and how those can be considered heroic acts, even if they are minor actions.

I want to view everyone through the same lens, focusing on all types of kids, in order to create an impact on them without bringing in a variable of gloom. My target age would be between 5-9 year olds and possibly focusing slightly on the opinions adults have on the same topic.

I believe there is a lack of kindness and compassion when it comes to interacting with others. Being considerate and understanding when you have an opportunity to be a hero is a small gesture people could learn to make.

I have thought about approaching this project from another angle, making adults my target audience but using kids as the subject. I think it could offer an interesting outcome, seeing how adults respond to what kids think being a hero means and using that in trying to make adults be more compassionate towards each other. As we age our view on the world starts to become more skewed, we think more negative and are more aware of the harsh realities and events that are happening in the world. I think this makes us lose our innocence and charisma we once had for the world and those around us. I would hope that this could inspire adults to bring back the compassion and interest they once had. I also think it could be a unique opportunity to study people of all ages but still starting at the kid level and working my way up. Figuring out sort of when that innocence of a hero is lost.


From this campaign I hope make people want to be more compassionate towards others by using “The Hero Notion” as a jumping off point. Starting with icons such as Ironman, Spiderman or other notable superheroes, can allow for an entry point into kids minds as a way for them to relate to what an everyday hero could mean. I think these icons can be looked at in a more realistic light if given the right circumstance. They are more then just epic combaters in flashy colors; they can offer an inspiring outlook on life with self-sacrifice and generous acts of promise. I hope this campaign would spark kindness and generosity in ways that other campaigns have not been able because it does take such a relevant subject of superheroes and breaks it down into a more specific and individual situation.

Creating general acts of kindness, creating and becoming hope.


In order to portray “The Hero Notion” in a positive light, I want to build a brand that will convey how small acts of kindness can alter how kids grow up and views impact the world. I want to slightly utilize today’s superheroes because I think their reputation can be heard very loudly amongst adults and kids. Creating posters, awareness, buttons, stickers, anything that can spread the word and get people involved in doing small acts of kindness ultimately becoming a hero. Along with the campaign, I want the main piece to be an inspirational video that talks with kids about what a hero is and truly gets their perspective on this situation. I want to seek out various questions that address what a hero means and what kind of impact figures we see as being heroes today have on them.


  • What is a hero?
  • Who is your hero? Why?
  • Do you think you’re a hero?
  • What makes a hero?
  • What do kids think vs. adults?
  • How can you be a hero in your everyday life?
  • What is considered to be a heroic act?
  • Do you think Iron Man exists in real life?
  • What do you think you could do in order to be a hero?
  • Can kids find happiness in doing things for others without something in return?
  • Can adults truly be affected by the thoughts of children?