Problem Statement Exploration:

Overall I want to promote the notion that everyone can be a hero no matter how small the act or sacrifice may be. Stemming from my love of superheroes and the symbol they can represent for kids.

Starting with superheroes – how do they affect kids? Do kids read more into their character so its not just about their cool fights and explosions?

Superheroes are a good jumping off point; they themselves are these media/film/comic-craved individuals both on screen and in your own mind

What are the actors behind these facades doing off screen utilizing their hero identities to help people and lift others spirits? Bringing their heroism into real life

Using kids in order to create an emotional response from adults

Breaking it down from big heroes – to the ordinary ones

Compassion campaign in a sense – ideally give adults a reason to be nice to one another, small acts, little gestures – everyone can be a hero

Adults tend to become unaware and self-indulged; not realizing what’s going on around them, how their actions but more importantly their NON-actions are affecting others (they don’t know what they could be offering to others)

Robert Downey jr. uses his alter ego as Iron Man to his benefit in helping others – what’s inside each of us that can stand out and help us to create an act of heroism

Helping people appreciate others, and be willing to help them out